Prayer Requests

- We are currently looking for a Kindergarten and Primary school principal to take over the operations at the school.
- We are still in need of funds to continue the work at the school.
- Pray for the Lord's blessings to be poured on us abundantly.
- More of the children in the schools are in need of help.
-Two young women had to stop going to school because of pregnancy.


Please consider donating to our cause

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Grace Corps - Missions for Haiti

December Toy Drive

Christmas will be here again soon.  And we have decided that we will not fail the children of Haiti this year.  We want to be there for them as we have been for the last 17 years.  

Toy Drive

We are collecting small children toys. If you cannot donate toys directly, please consider sending a donation through PayPal.

The following are items that you may donate to the December Toy Drive
1) Dolls, dolls and dolls (Talking, walking, dancing, "crazy" or normal)
2) Cars (non powered preferred unless batteries are AAA and can last very long, include extra batteries please).
3) Coloring books
4) Jumping ropes
5) Barrettes, (Head) ribbons for African braided hair styles,
6) Watches (boys/girls), Yo-yo and other related toys (any thing interesting for kids),
7) Books (French Grades 1-8 reading ease),
8) Soccer balls (deflated)
9) Jerseys (Small and Medium sizes)
10) Educational toy (light weight and AA battery powered)
11) ln all any toy will go as long as it would be appropriate for a Christian environment, does not require other than batteries to function or can function on its supplied batteries for a long time, and is relatively light.
12) School supplies of all sorts (except for big color chalk and other things that require advance knowledge of English).
13) Small musical instruments (recorder, flute, harmonicas, wind pipes, you get the idea)
14) Science related items, small microscopes, telescopes, calculators, pipettes, measuring instruments.
15) Solar powered items are welcomed such as radios, battery chargers
16) First Aid kits and vitamins (one per day preferred)
17) Buy a child a pass of thirty dollars ($3O)to our camp for kids during the hectic Carnival festivities.
During the three days of the Carnival in February March the churches organize retreat for the children
to keep them away from the bad influence of streets. If we don’t have enough kids able to pay we send
the ones who can to camp with another Christian group.
18) Support a child for a whole year with $200 in our Angel of Hope Program.

Teachers Gifts
*** Used Cell phone***
1) Shirts (Small Medium, Medium sizes)
2) Women dresses (Petitel/Medium)
3) Watches, belts and other related items, cologne and aftershave
4) Portable DVD (for ISOM use)
5) All of the teachers are underpaid - a monetary gift of any amount
is more than welcomed for them.
6) Note pads, agendas, pen and pencil sets. In all any item that would please an adult in a third world
Country,  such as non proprietary cell phones with electrical outlet charger or anything else that
would be appropriate, even if it requires batteries to function or function on its supplied batteries, and is relatively light.


Robers Dolcine