Young Boys and Girls Camp

It has been, now, 23 years since this adventure has begun.  We have had our ups and downs but have remained steadfast. My last trip to Haiti in June 2019 was particularly challenging. The focus was to hold the youth camp and teach them how to make solar panels and methane gas. We were expecting a good number of them about fifty and ended up having more than that.

We were very happy to see the enthusiasm and passion with which those young girls and young men welcomed the camp. Along the way we constantly felt the hands of Christ protecting us.  We never thought of ourselves as being special.  But guess what?  In His eyes we have always been in spite of our doubts and falls.

Grace Corps is like a vessel in the high seas.  It can’t do much by itself when the “billows roll”.   All our hope and trust rest upon Him, Christ Jesus, who is the Captain of the ship.  His guidance we will follow until we die.