What about a meaningful, fulfilling vacation in the Caribbean?

You can have a great time while contributing as well to works that make a difference in people’s lives? You get it? A total touristic package that refreshes the mind, uplift the soul and replenish the vitality of the body. Too good to be true? Not all. It is possible through something called faith-based tourism.

Citadelle Laferriere

A Faith-based get away is not a far fetch idea. Many of the thousands who visit the middle east in general and Israel in particular every year are faith tourists. They have got something that many travelers don’t have. They connect their faith to their travel, having found the link between recreation and devotion, entertainment and belief a powerful tool to be reckoned with when it comes to the upholding of Christian values and cherishing of the Christian worldview.

We should neither discard now the common knowledge that Haiti is the poorest nation of the western hemisphere giving the potential to send any body coming the relative luxury of North America on a guilt trip that may eventually change to anger toward the develop nations where so much valuable stuff are being wasted everyday.

Faith-based tourism is an opportunity to see the other side of life and contribute what you can to the betterment of other mankind. It is simply a window that is offered (at least for us in Grace Corps) to bring the love of Christ to a child in Haiti directly or indirectly: Directly by feeding a few, bring them toys and play with them. Indirectly by building benches, painting walls or making concrete blocks for construction projects. One thing that you can be certain of is that every penny that you spend from the booking of your flight to the return trip will leave a lasting impact upon somebody or may change someone’s life altogether. You will definitely not be the only one enjoying your trip. That’s the beauty or the blessing of it all.

Grace Corps organizes two trips per year: One in December around Christmas time either before or after Christmas and another in July mostly around the July 4th, before or after. Exact dates with current opportunities and natural and historical sites to be visited will be posted on this website.

Research Haiti and get buzz about Labadee, Moulin Sur Mer, Citadelle Laferriere and other great attractions in Haiti.